Tasmanian Peninsula 2016 - Eagle Eye Tasmania

A short promotional clip I shot with the Phantom 3 Professional. Footage captured out at Roaring Beach on the Tasman Peninsula. Special thanks to Ray and Joe Abetz for letting me come along for the ride and film them surfing! 

This was also my first play with Lumetri colour scopes and a first delve into working with cine LOG footage. It was quite a learning curve, but I feel it came together really well! 

Feedback always appreciated! 


Demo footage of Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania - Eagle Eye Tasmania

Short demo clip of example footage/film ideas for the RYCT. Footage shot on phantom 3 pro @ 5:30-6:30pm (as such the quality isn't the greatest for the low light situations). 

Song is Honne's The Night - I do not own this song. Music is copyright to their respective owners.


Nandroya Vineyard, Margate, Tasmania

My first delve into cinematography with the Phantom 3 - this was shot at 9pm on a Vineyard just up the road and was just a chance to play around with composition! More to come soon!

Test flight @ Dru Point - Margate Tasmania

Had the luck to try and review a Parrot Bebop (gen 1) for a week. It was great fun, however I noted that there were issues with filming from it (panning is difficult even with the skycontroller). Enjoyable as a first drone, but I have now moved on to a phantom 3 and Inspire for more serious film work. 

More footage to come soon!